The Jitu is an IT staff augmentation firm that offers scalable remote software engineers to businesses. Their employees/ engineers are mostly Computer Science and Information Technology graduates who they take through rigorous training as the first phase to determine their suitability for the job. Given that at DeKUT we offer related courses, the University partnered with The Jitu to provide industry focused training as part of industrial attachment for our students as well as job and internship opportunities. The contact office with The Jitu is DeKUTOCS and so far, through internal collaboration with the School of Computer Science & IT, four (4) cohorts have been trained from which four (4) graduates have been absorbed for employment; most of the other trainees did the training as part of industrial attachment experience. We look to provide more human resource to The Jitu as we look into other areas of collaboration like engaging them for career seminars & workshops and mentorship for our students in their field of expertise. To begin with, we put a plan and agreement in place to be holding TECH CAREER TALKS at least once every quarter; some of these will be open to students from other institutions of higher learning.