Mentorship & Skills and Professional Development

It is one thing to enroll in a course, study it successfully, pass all exams and graduate and it is another to grow through that process into a professional with broad knowledge and application of the same in their field as well as a professional with all the necessary skills to navigate the world of work successfully. DeKUT Office of Career Services exists to make sure that the latter happens even as the former is made possible by the dedicated team of lecturers and all the facilities the University has invested in to ensure quality education. This will include exposure to entrepreneurship, research, innovation, building and running start – ups, venture capitalism as well as the soft skills critical in the world of work/ business today and the relevant professional courses to consider as well as bodies to be aware of and to consider being members of.

Career Guidance & Empowerment

Some students are very clear about what they want to pursue as a career by the time they are leaving secondary schools while others do not have a clue. While the latter may need more career guidance, most of the former do not really know what is entailed in their choice of career. DeKUT Office of Career Services will bridge this gap by running various programs whose aim will be to introduce students to the world and empower them so that they can begin to figure out a career pathway. This will involve exposure to knowledge and information about the various fields as well as practical exposure to work in these fields where possible.

Developing Frameworks for Students Advisory & Attachment

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology has always had a system where everyclass is assigned a class advisor and with coordination of attachment in every school and institute. However, the operations of these two offices need a framework that will ensure their effectiveness. The Office of Career Services is tasked with the responsibility of defining the roles and activities of these two offices and creating effective monitoring and evaluation frameworks towards ensuring maximum value to DeKUT students.

Building Valuable Networks & Facilitating Linkages

How can our students start their career and have a feel of the industry while still in class? It is through bringing the industry to them and creating an environment where they can interact, learn from and build networks that will contribute greatly to their success after their studies. DeKUT through the Office of Career Services is keen to leverage on and further build her pool of partners and collaborators and link them with her students in order to give them this advantage; the advantage of growing into professionals through their studies at DeKUT.

Sharing Information on Opportunities

There is an old adage that says that “Information is Power”. DeKUT Office of Career Services is keen to source and share information on opportunities available in terms of vacancies: jobs, internships & attachment opportunities as well as available platforms where our students can create profiles that can make them visible and easier to be found by various employers.

Build & Train on the Identity of DeKUT Students & Alumni

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology is guided by her Philosophy, Vision, Mission, Core Values and the Motto. All these statements apply to the University; students, alumni as well as the staff. The University also has symbols which include the mace, the logo, the flag, and the name of the institution. These symbols form part of the University’s Identity.

As the University’s Office of Career Services, we will strive to ensure that our students understand the interpretation of these statements and symbols as a way of dressing them with a University identity which also will lead to creation of a unique identity for our students and alumni that will differentiate them in the job market.