Started at DeHUB (the University’s Innovation & Incubation Hub) and now successfully running a company – Rhions Lab

Three students (Joshua Ndemenge, Julia Muiruri and Clinton Oduor) who started off with interest and passion in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are now running a successful startup going by the name Rhions Lab. This startup was born from project WildEye_KE which got them to the top 10 finalists list in the 2020 Imagine Cup East, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region under the mentorship of Dr.CiiraMaina; a Senior Lecturer in the department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering and a Data Scientist (currently the Director, Center for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence) and Mr. Kenneth Njihia, the Project Coordinator of the University’s Innovation and Incubation Hub (DeHUB).

Rhions Lab main focus is solving human-wildlife conflict, illegal wildlife trafficking and poaching using IoT and AI. Find out more about the company here https://www.rhions.co//

Using his ICT Ecosystem Knowledge and his Passion to Provide Solutions to deliver Technological Solutions

Have you heard about Wayapay? This is a Kenya and USA based Fintech Startup that was founded to deliver world – class technological solutions that seek to address key gaps in financial services as well as accelerate financial inclusion in Sub – Saharan Africa and the rest of the world. The Co – Founder and CEO is one HempstoneMaroria; B. Sc. in Information Technology May 2011 Intake, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology.

Learn more about Wayapay here https://wayapay.com/

He found his passion for Softball here at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) and is now a Professional Softball and Baseball Player.

Benson Kahugu started playing softball with his friends as a hobby here at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) shortly after joining in 2013. This ended up becoming a profession; he has at this point played professionally for several teams and in 2021, he was recruited to play for the National Softball Team. 

From putting himself out there, he found passion in a sport, utilized the available resources and opportunities and now, he flies the flag of our country Kenya high as he represents the country this year (2022) in South Africa for the Softball World Cup Qualifiers.

From studying here at DeKUT to being honored as the Young Engineer of the Year in 2018 and then listed as Top 40 under 40 in 2021.

Mercy Wangari Mahinda graduated in 2015 with a First Class Honors in Mechatronics Engineering. She has since put herself out there and has caught the attention of many as a young, talented engineer and a person of initiative; a person not sitting back and waiting for or hoping for change but one who takes action and influences that change. She is not succeeding just by being a brilliant engineer but also, by being herself and showing up as such; as the Top 40 Under 40 Award feature read, “most engineers are known to be introverts but for Mercy, it’s a complete reverse. She walks into a room and suddenly her contagious smile and laughter rub off on everyone.”

She is a Mechanical Engineer at Safaricom.

He studied B. Sc. in Information Technology and when he could not find a job, he started his own Computer School.

There is finding opportunities and then there is creating opportunities; Nicholas Ndeeri Kinyua might as well fall in the two categories for when he lost his job due to the challenges posed by the Covid – 19 pandemic, he put his skills to work and started a Computer School. Read his story here https://www.dkut.ac.ke/index.php/mr-nicholas-ndeeri-kinyua

He co – founded a Pan African Fintech Company from his dorm room here at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

You want to know how he did that?

Kenneth Kinyanjui pursued a B. Sc. in Information Technology degree and had immense interest in technology. The University was young then and it felt like there were few opportunities but he saw one where he could contribute in building something bigger than himself; he started a tech community at DeKUT – a community that has only gotten bigger and grown stronger. He went on to do great things and was once featured in the DeKUT Spotlight Feature. Read his story here https://www.dkut.ac.ke/index.php/mr-kenneth-kinyanjui

She came, she fell in love, she conquered and continues to

Julia Muiruri didn’t see her destiny as a ‘Woman in Tech’; she had her eyes set on medicine but Information Technology happened and she can’t imagine herself doing anything else. The opportunity to be a class representative put her out there and then she made a decision to stay out there. She developed interest in tech and used the opportunities available here at DeKUT to build a career in the field of technology; through the University’s Innovation & Incubation Hub’s support, she and her two partners started a company called Rhions Lab which, among other things, she runs as the Operations Officer. Here is her story https://www.dkut.ac.ke/index.php/ms-julia-muiruri

From learning animation on his own, to seeking the support of DeHUB and now runs a successful Animation Business.

While pursuing a B. Sc. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering here at DeKUT, Donald Njeru and his friends Michael Makau and Sheltone Ochieng developed an interest in animation. With the support of the University’s Innovation & Incubation Hub (DeHUB), they enhanced their skills and gained exposure. They now run an animation company. Check out Electruxx Animations here https://electruxxanimations.com/

IBees, an innovation by DeKUT Students, emerges the best during the Producers Direct Innovation Competition

IBEES is an automated beehive solution that lets bee keepers monitor the health of their beehives in real-time from their phones. Once installed on the beehives, bee keepers can: know the level of dampnesswhich may lead to pest and diseases infestation or even lower the quality of honey produced, know the weight of their beehive in order to tell the best time to harvest honey without frequently disturbing the bee colony, get real-time alerts via SMS or IBEES App notification when their beehives have been knocked over or stolen or upon smoke detection which might be a sign of intrusion or honey stealing and also get to know when the Queen has stopped laying and the colony is about to become broodless.IBEES mobile notification allows bee keepers/ honey farmers to monitor all these things in real-time and keep records such as harvests, tasks and operations, and even receive notifications to remind them of inspections.

This is a child born through the mentorship and support of DeKUT Innovation & Incubation Hub (DeHUB).

Check out a short video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwRlOGdq4NE