It’s beneficial to develop communication and leadership skills and confidence at any age, but the earlier the better. Through Toastmasters, volunteer and team management growth opportunities are availed—something not all students might have access to. There is also a natural connection between universities and Toastmasters through the shared understanding of the value of experiential learning. Toastmasters can also fill a void in curricula that don’t offer communication and leadership courses, especially in technical fields. Plus, in a university setting, there are built-in channels for communication and marketing.

There are approximately 500 university-based clubs active around the world. Over half of these clubs are in Asia, with 25% in India alone. One-third are in the Americas, including 25% in the United States. Throughout the year, three to six university-based clubs charter each month. Let’s hear from students from various parts of the world how these clubs have set them up for success